Half a Decade In Business

Half a Decade In Business

Since Mellat Investment Bank (MIB) was founded five years ago, everyone involved in its success has been keenly aware of the rule of trust and client service. MIB has carefully nurtured over the past five years a well-diversified range of innovative Investment Banking products & services in the Iranian capital market.

Operating under Shari’ah principles, MIB’s operations have evolved over the last five years taking cognizance of the changing investment landscape in Iranian market, MIB has made some adjustments to its strategy to suit the needs of its clients and to cater to the changing demand for investment products & services and more toward M&A, Project finance and Islamic structured finance and fund services to Iranian and foreign investors.

With its high operating ethics, MIB has built a strong long lasting relationship with its partners, which has resulted in high quality deal flows in Iranian capital markets. The financing and financial advisory services have been continually improved and intensified with a view to identifying and addressing all material risks, prior to making finance. True to its slogan “Success through Partnerships”, the Investment Bank, as part of the investment process, works with skilled consultants who are experts in their respective fields, to provide value added advice to the clients in making investment and finance decisions.

The trust and confidentiality in our level of operations, has helped MIB retain all of its clients, who have supported us all through difficulties. Good corporate governance and risk management have also contributed significantly to our client retention over the last five years.

The strategic and operational approach adopted by the Bank’s Board of Directors, has borne fruit resulting in the Bank enjoying a healthy current financial position. Now MIB is going to expand its services to international level to help foreign investors investing in Iranian capital market. There has been a very positive start to our second half of decade, with the Investment Bank embarking on interesting opportunities in Iran and region.

Some of key achievements at MIB is as follow:

  • Ranked first among financial intermediaries according to IMI 100 ranking on 2014/15 FY.
  • Observer member of Islamic Financial Service Board (IFSB).
  • Leading investment bank in financing services in the Iranian Energy Sector including Iranian oil, Gas, and Petrochemical industries.
  • Financing more than $ 2 billion in Sukuk and other debt instruments including underwriting and market making for clients.
  • Financing about $ 4 billion in equity securities including underwriting and advisory for clients.

Our in-depth knowledge of the rules and regulations and relationship with the authorities has given us insight in providing the optimum solutions to our clients. We serve as an independent, objective advisor in investment banking and financial services, with expertise across the entire spectrum of capital structure decisions. Commitment, integrity and professionalism are values that have enabled Mellat Investment Bank to become one of the leading investment banks in Iranian capital markets today.

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