Mellat Investment Bank

Mellat Investment Bank is an Iranian investment bank company was founded by Bank Mellat financial Group, Bank Mellat and some of its subordinated companies in 2011. The company provides investment banking services including financing, asset management and financial services for corporate and institutional clients in Iran and is ready to extend in worldwide.

Our History

Our history began in 2011, when Mellat Investment Bank was founded in Tehran as an investment banking company. Since its inception, MIB has been run as a private joint stock company with shareholding of its founding shareholders. the company is a fully-fledged investment bank with a headquarter office in Tehran.

It is the licensed investment bank offering investment banking services in Iran. Mellat Investment Bank is a private joint stock company established in 18 January 2011 on the number 395071 in the State Organization of Deeds and Properties, Company Registration General Office in Tehran by Mellat Bank. Its capital is 2500 billion Rial (Approximately $83Million) now. Mellat Investment Bank officially began operations after it obtained its permit from the Securities and Exchange Organization of Iran on 30 August 2010.


Based on Article 3 of its statute, Mellat IB’s main activities include underwriting, syndication and, equity and debt capital markets. In addition to its main activities, Amin offers a variety of supplementary services including:

  • Advisory services
  • Marketing and managing the process of securities assignment
  • Fulfilling administrative affairs in listing and requiring permits for offering securities as an agent of companies
  • Designing and offering financial instruments services
  • Mutual funds and other funds services
  • Brokerage services
  • Broker-dealer services
  • Asset management services
  • Market making

Some major charactristics of Mellat Investment Bank

  • Ranked first among financial intermediaries according to IMI 100 ranking on 2014/15 FY.

  • Leading investment bank in financing services in Iranian capital market.

  • Specialized investment bank in Iranian oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries.

  • Financing more than $ 2 billion in Sukuk and other debt instruments including underwriting and market making for clients.

  • Financing about $ 3.8 billion in equity securities including underwriting and advisory for clients.

  • Observer member of Islamic Financial Service Board (IFSB)

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