Energy Management Office

The Energy Management Office (EMO) as a supervision office in Mellat Investment Bank is a premium intended to work alongside financial investments to mega projects of oil, gas, petrochemical, mining and other major industries. We would be greatly honoured to provide Mllat Bank services that are well-known in leadership financing energy projects in Iran that holds consecutive records of experience.

Mission and Aim

  • Monitoring the efficient allocation of financial resources by the Bank in Projects
  • Strengthen technical look at lending to projects
  • Minimizing the risk of increasing the costs and timeframe of projects.
  • Establish sustainable competitive advantage, based on the bank’s ability to provide energy services as banks, through specialization of the relevant processes in all stages of supply, construction and production of mega projects.
  • Linking financial and technical knowledge, and optimal use of grant financing for mega projects and thus promote the country's industry growth based on Earned Value Method (EVPM)
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