Research and Development

The Aim of research and development (R&D) team is to improve the current technologies and procedures offered by the organization or to develop innovations that strengthen the organization’s position in the marketplace.
  • Research

Our R&D team has fulfilled a number of research projects on the current situation of the capital market and has suggested some new Islamic financial improvements and instruments suitable to the market.

In our organization’s field of research, we are particularly interested in how current financial instrument and regulations could be improved and we are also exploring new products and services to the clients.

  • Financial Engineering

Our in-depth knowledge of the rules and regulations and financial engineering techniques and relationship with the authorities has given us insight in providing the improvements in the current situation and of course, propose new products in the market. Financial engineering refers to the design, development, implementation of innovative financial instruments & processes in addition to the formulation of innovative solutions to financial decision making problems.

  • Risk Management

The team is skilled in doing risk management projects in different fields of investment banking and financial services activities.

Commitment, integrity and professionalism are values that have enabled Mellat Investment Bank (MIB) to become one of the leading investment banks in Iranian capital markets today.

Some R&D track record:

  • Formulating Strategic Plan of Mellat Investment Bank (MIB).
  • Managing and fulfilling research projects in the fields such as designing new financial instruments (Financial Engineering), Project Finance, Credit Rating, Funds, Investment Banking Functions, M&A, Restructuring, Marketing of Financial Services, risk management and so on.
  • Follow-up MIB membership in designing new financial instruments and mechanisms in Iranian capital market and submitting related proposal.
  • Follow-up MIB membership in different associations such as observer membership in IFSB.
  • Preparing scientific content for different purposes like website, conferences, media, Technical Reports and so on.
  • Presence in the related conferences and seminars and preparing training courses.
  • Preparing the company for ranking in IMI100 and other ranking projects.
  • Other researching activities in investment banking fields.
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